The Quantitative Way
Data Driven
Data driven approach becomes necessary for any business. Businesses are becoming “information dependent” and while using data is common practice, extracting useful information becomes a complex task. There is a crucial difference between “data” and “information”. Our business is extraction of that useful information. C&I Ltd offers solutions for businesses that are exploring the benefits of quantitative data-driven approach by assisting them in their development of pioneering quantitative products and procedures.

We Are Your Outsourced R&D

Outsourcing a quantitative development, to our experienced, creative and reliable team is most efficient way for R&D for most businesses. We can offer you R&D services, various customisable white labelled quantitative products, and consultancy and project management.

Complete Solution

We offer quantitative modelling services, but also development of the supporting procedures (ETL) and infrastructure (back-end and front-end integration). We can set-up data & analysis IT enviroments and customise and maintain them further to client needs. Our special focus is on the sports industry, and we have a pallete of customisable solutions that gather front end solutions, analytical databases, BI, cloud providers, as well es ETL of the most of the known sports data providers.
Our Services
R&D As A Service.
what we do
Our Services
Quantitative Modelling
This is our core business. We can turn the “data” into useful “information”, by applying quantitative modeling techniques to the large datasets (“Big Data”) and produce algorithms and measures (e.g. KPIs) that can give you clear information, usually hidden in overwhelming amount of today available data (commonly, this problem is known as “data overload”). In football related projects, we worked on performance indicators, transfer value analytics, injuries management, team cohesion, team opponent analysis and optimization, media targeting models, fan analytics...
Data IT Environment Development
Clients may have already established back-end/analysis/front-end systems or may have non integrated system with licensed preferred e.g. BI software, databases, cloud solutions. We are capable of integrating databases, analytics and front-end systems of any kind, with application of automatic data upload from data providers, ETL, connection to the preferred front-end BI system as well as to mount our own customized analysis algorithms within that system. We have experience with developing systems on cloud (public, full metal), use and adjustment of the systems to in-memory high speed databases and customizing BI system report structure.
Data Structuring & Integration
Our development of the quantitative modeling is done on data available to the client. In most cases, football data is provided by data providers (Opta, Prozone, Scout7, ChyronHego, Sports office, Mediametrie, social network data), in-house databases (scouting, talent search, financial, media and other internal data). With so many datasources, there is a need for integration of datasources so they could be utilized by users. We have experience in this integration and with all mentioned datasources and can directly manage data acquisition and project customization with data providers.
Consultancy & Project planning
Managing quantitative projects requires specific skills and experience and we can offer quantitative management consultancy.
what we actually use
Our Skillset and Tools Examples

Regression techniques

Statistical process for estimating the relationships between a dependent variable and one or more independent variables. Some of the models used are: logistic, generalized, boosted... We used it in many of our products and often it is a robust starting point method.

Neural Networks

Models inspired by biological neural networks used to estimate complex functions with large number of inputs.

Random forests

Models used for classification and regression by combining multiple decision tress into ensembles.

Panel data analysis

Panel data contain observations of multiple phenomena observed over multiple time periods for the same individuals.

Clustering, PCA

Unsupervised machine learning techniques. K-means and hierarchical clustering are used in several projects. PCA is used to reduce datasets dimensionality.

Metaheuristic algorithms

Algorithms that can provide a sufficiently good solution to an complex optimization problem. Examples: simulated annealing, genetic algorithms...

R, Stata, Matlab

Programming languages and tools that are used for statistical models, data analysis and visualization.

C#, C++, Java, Python

Various general-purpose and object-oriented programming languages are used for algorithms development and back end implementation.

Tableau, Jedox, SpagoBI, Pentaho

We have experience with many front-end tools. Eaxamples are: Tableau (Server and Desktop) that we connected to many different data sources including MS SQL and ExaSolution databases; Jedox, a cell-oriented, multi-dimensional in-memory OLAP server and BI tool; SpagoBI and Pentaho, examples of open source BI suites.

MS SQL Server, ExaSolution

Microsoft SQL Server is well known relational database management system. ExaSolution is in-memory, column-oriented, relational database management system known for high performance and self-optimization.

NoSQL databases

NoSQL databases are increasingly used in big data and real-time web applications. We have experience in graph databases (Neo4J) and Document databases (MongoDB)

ASP.NET, Entity Framework

ASP.NET MVC is primary technology used for Web applications back end development. Entity Framework is used for building database models and data access layer.


Modern and responsive web interfaces are created using JQuery, HTML and CSS with help of Bootstrap framework.

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Data driven sports analytics
Data-driven Media R&D
Computer vision
Businsess, Finance and Pharma
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Quant Sports
Computer vision
Quant Media
Quant Strategy & Finance and Pharma
Big Data Environment Development
Data ETL & Integration
Consultancy, Project Planning & Management
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