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C&I Ltd is a company focused on providing high-end quantitative modelling R&D, as well as the development of the supporting Big Data environments and processes. Our approach is dynamic, allowing us to work as our client’s outsourced R&D team. Our team structure is expert and dynamic. In past 5 years we developed number of models and Big Data Environments for our respectful clients, ranging from finance and pharmaceuticals, to sports and media.
We are particularly focused on football data-driven analytics and development of Big Data infrastructure and supporting processes, and in recent years great part of our engagement is related to our football clients.
We have EXPERTISE and EXPERIENCE in: indices construction, macro/micro forecasting and now-casting, design of quantitative scorecards and credit rating systems, behavioural market segmentation, process optimisation, CRM, stress-testing, pharmacoeconomics, health assessment, football performance (e.g. www.q-ant.com), agricultural optimisation (Agrimatica), digital media, TV ratings systems, fan analytics, etc.
Quick Responce Quantitative Force
Our Team Structure
Mark Pau
C&I offers top management of quantitative project. Managing quantitative project planning, quantitative personnel and quant team cooperation with client’s teams has number of management specifics.
Lina Doe
These are our special forces. With project planing in a way that keeps every quant always working on different projects, their skills and creativity is boosted. Beside in-house personnel, we have top expert quant associates. Quants have degrees in physics, mathematics and computer science. Most of the early team was assembled from risk managers, while today we team quant members that were trained on C&I’s projects.
Smith Fox
Often we need to develop IT infrastructure for our clients. For that purpose we have developers in our team. For larger IT projects, we have associate outsourced developers available.
Lorena Moddy
Data Miners
Data miners are necessity in quantitative analysis. In our company they also work on data cleaning, new data research and all other preparations of data for quantitative modelling.
We want to provide fast, efficient and cost-efficient R&D for the companies that are entering or extending their business practices to data-driven ones. We see ourselves as our client’s outsourced R&D department, which will enable boosting of quality of approach to client’s market.
Idea is to establish and provide high-end quantitative R&D service, through our team experience in science, finance and pharmaceuticals, that is adapted and transferred to businesses that are entering big data market. We are becoming “brandname behind brands”, by developing services and “white labeled products” for our brand carrying clients. Focusing on R&D and its efficient structuring is our way of doing business.
R&D Efficiency
Our starting idea was to find a solution how to make R&D cost efficient for non-R&D companies.

Key is to establish efficient team management in order to reduce high costs of “unused” expert knowledge capacity. Whenever you are managing R&D team, your biggest cost is team cost between R&D campaigns. When R&D is not your core business, this becomes major problem for your budget. As a company specialised for R&D, we have dynamic teams with virtually no unused time, this reflects as our competitive R&D prices.

Our focusing on quantitative development as core business is a key to efficiency and efficiency is gained by the control over team size and level of engagement. All that is crucial for control over R&D costs which is beneficial for us and for our clients.

R&D Efficiency Elements

Teams expert structure changes according to specific project phase. C&I transfers team members between project so their expert efficiency is maximised for every project and project phase.

Teams grow or reduce according to the needs of specific project phase. C&I transfers team members between project so their number is optimised and in-line with project prospectives and timelines.

Our dynamic team size, structure and adjustment to specific project needs enables C&I to optimise costs which lowers clients costs also and makes our services very competitive without compromising quality.

C&I has base of trusted experts which are our outsourced associates. This cooperation lasts for years and it was practised in many projects. It enables C&I to quickly expand team if client timelines demand larger team. Associates include experienced quants, developers, as well as university scientists.