Pioneering work in data-driven approach in football
Football Quantitative Solutions
C&I pioneered in application of quantitative approach in football. We developed showcase product Q-Ant (on-demand access available on, targeted for estimation of football player transfer value. Today we have palette of products available, ranging from player performance indicators to injuries management and media analysis. We cooperate with football clubs, sports associations, sports data companies, sports consultancy companies and other sports related entities. Our R&D services and products are successfully applied within our sports clients systems and our white labelled products are used within the sports industry.

C&I has experience in integration of football data provided by all well known football data providers, as well as integration with clients internal databases.

Beside quantitative modelling on a football data, we provide set-up od data & analysis support IT environments and customise and maintain them further to client needs.

what we actually do
Our Data-Driven Footbal Services

Football Quantitative Modelling

Amount of available (football) performance data is rapidly increasing. With this increase, number of observed football measures, variables or attributes increases as well. Q-Ant line of products attempts to make use of data and large number of variables available and to produce simple and useful measure, to step away from use of raw data and extract information from it.

Data & analysis IT environment

In order to provide our clients with the system they can efficiently use, we are providing the service of Data environment integration that results in a complete, ready-to-use system (databases, quantitative analysis system and front-end system for visualization and review of the results).

Data integration and ETL

We have experience with data ETL and integration from all major sports/football data providers, as well as with integration of clients internal datasources and data collected from free available resources on internet.

Audience estimation and TV rating
Powerful media tools.
Q-Ant was initially developed as tool for estimation of football player transfer value. Methods evolved and new analysis capabilities emerged. Through the analytics of football player performance and its influence and synergy with team cumulative performance, Q-Ant team analysis tools were developed. Today, Q-Ant showcase presents C&I capabilities in buildng a custom football decision support system.