Pioneering work in football data-driven approach
Football Quantitative Solutions
C&I has been servicing top football clubs, large football associations and media companies for the past eight years. Our work is aligned with corporate standards. Our methods of cooperation and already delivered solutions meet the needs of top football clubs.

C&I works in back-end operations, with discretion, limited publicity and confidentiality preserved. Our presence in large football clubs makes us a recognisable provider in the niche of football data analytics.

Our fast & agile project methods, team size, our robust and adaptable solutions, that balance high-end elements and proven approaches, enable solution production and use in a record fast time.

what we actually do
Our Data-Driven Footbal Services

#Quantitative Metrics Development

We provide machine learning R&D for clubs that pursue a data-driven approach in Performance analytics, Fan Relationship Management, Marketing and other club’s data analytics. Our experienced quants have extensive know-how with football data and how clubs use it.

#Data IT Environments and Web App Development

Our club-customised data IT Environments efficiently manage Performance or Fan and Retail data through databases, data processing and reporting tools. We are utilising all club’s previously acquired IT elements, as well as developing custom web applications.


Our data-sources structuring work enables data utilisation throughout the club’s systems and departments. We have extensive experience with football performance feeds (internal and external) as well as with fan, ticketing, sales, sponsorship and media data sources.

customised approach
Our know-how
Our starting concept was to find a solution for reducing IT and data R&D costs for our clients. Efficient team management relies on reducing the high costs of "unused" expert team capacity, but also have a sufficiently large team to engage in peak project development, and our team dynamics enables that for our clients. Focusing on quantitative metrics development and building of efficient data environments in a large number of different projects, usually not available in single clients organisations, generates specific know-how that brings significant advantages to our clients.

Clubs Challenges & Solutions

With the assistance of our team, utilise all available information by connecting various club data sources (along with data ETL, structuring and cleaning) and use an easily manageable data structure to approach fan, sales, ticketing, marketing and strategy analysis.

Our team integrates databases, data pipelining, processing elements and reporting solutions into a customised and efficient data management and analysis environment.

Often, previously acquired licenses and software don’t cover all the club needs, and certain elements are not utilised. Our team looks to integrate and use existing solutions, alongside developing custom systems and web applications.

We can assist your team in the development of high-end quantitative metrics (KPI’s), tailored to your club needs and making your approach to analytics unique and consistent with your strategy.