Quantitative Football
Framework environment
In order to provide our clients with the system they can efficiently use, we are providing the service of Data environment integration that results in a complete, ready-to-use system (databases, quantitative analysis system and front-end system for visualization and review of the results).

Clients may have already established back-end/analysis/front-end systems or may have non integrated system with licensed preferred e.g. BI software, databases, cloud solutions. We are capable of integrating databases, analytics and front-end systems of any kind, with application of automatic data upload from data providers, ETL, connection to the preferred front-end BI system as well as to mount our own customized analysis algorithms within that system. We have experience with developing systems on cloud (public, full metal, internal servers...), with use and adjustment of the systems to in-memory high speed databases and customizing BI system report structure.

Framework environment
Framework Elements
Databases and data warehouse
Every piece of data needs to be properly stored, secured and accessible to the user. C&I offers service of building databases and data warehouses that can support quantitative projects as well as everyday client’s data import, Extract-Transform-Load and analysis needs. We can set-up any standard system and have experience with relational and non-relational databases. Our references include MySQL, MS_SQL, Neo4J, as well as in memory systems like Jedox and ExaSolution. Database projects vary in size and they are optimized to client's needs, as well as we can build self-standing system or integrate or extend client’s existing database system.

Through the previously mentioned Data integration, databases are automatically fed with data from data providers (e.g. Opta, Prozone, Scout7...).

Calculation system
Our core work is data driven development of specialized algorithms, e.g. for football player transfer value estimation, player performance indices, injury risk estimation...

In order to be able to use this high-end products of the quantitative modeling, they are integrated in the system comprised of data source (database that feeds algorithm with new data - e.g. new data about matches) as well as the front-end system (e.g. BI tool) that enables the users to visualize the calculated results. All of our developed systems are adjusted to the client’s specific environment, regardless if we have to integrate them into client;s existing system or build completely new system.

BI and Front-end
Front-end system is a way how user can access the data and calculation result. With the commercially available BI tools, results can be visualized and further user calculations can easily be made.

C&I can build simple interfaces for data access, although for professional use it is more common that we integrate BI tools in this three-fold system.

We have experience with a lot of BI solutions like Tableau, Spago BI, Pentaho, Jedox...