About Us
C&I Ltd is a company focused on providing high-end quantitative modelling R&D, as well as the development of the supporting Big Data environments and processes. Our approach is agile, allowing us to efficienltly and seamlessly work as our client’s R&D team.
  • We work on green-field projects, as well as upgrade client's existing systems or metrics, or finish unfinished projects previously acquired or developed internally by the client.
  • We don’t show references and in the case of the strongest brand holders, we’re usually not allowed to and we take this confidentiality seriously.
  • We work “on-demand” and our services are acquired only when needed and in the necessary amount.
  • We are building independent data & analytics system, or integrate outputs and elements into the client’s existing system.
  • We are building data-driven metrics based on our palette of products or develop metrics developed by the client’s request and based on client’s needs and ideas.
  • We work with any type of data feeds, any software and any mathematical approach.
Our Services
R&D As A Service.
what we do
Our Services
Quantitative Modelling
We are transforming the “data” into the useful “information”, by developing applying quantitative modelling techniques to the large datasets (“Big Data”) and produce algorithms and that give clear information, usually hidden in overwhelming amount of available data.
Data Analysis Environments
We are developing data analytics environments and integrating its elements - databases, analytics back-end and front-end systems of any kind, with application of automatic data upload from data providers, ETL, connections to the preferred front-end BI system or custom developed web-interfaces.
Data Structuring & Integration
Multiple data sources are often not optimised to provide the client with the well connected and structured data. Integration of the data and its structuring, in a way that data is fully utilised throughout the organisation, is efficiently enabled by C&I team.
Consultancy & Project planning
Managing quantitative projects requires specific skills and experience and we can offer quantitative management consultancy.
what we actually use
Our Skillset and Tools Examples

Regression techniques

Neural Networks

Random forests

Panel data analysis

Clustering, PCA

Metaheuristic algorithms

R, Stata, Matlab

C#, C++, Java, Python

Tableau, Jedox, SpagoBI, Pentaho

MS SQL Server, ExaSolution

NoSQL databases

ASP.NET, Entity Framework


shortlist of our projects
Products Selection
Quant Sports
Computer vision
Quant Media
Quant Strategy & Finance and Pharma
Big Data Environment Development
Data ETL & Integration
Consultancy, Project Planning & Management
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