About Us
C&I assists clients in the application of the data-driven approach and its elements. We provide our clients with the complete skill set, experience and team size, that enables fast-track to the complete data solutions. We excel in quantitative modelling and machine learning techniques, as well as in the development of the data ETL, data environments, and custom web applications. C&I's approach to projects is agile, and it enables the C&I's team to work as a client's outsourced R&D team.
Our Services
R&D As A Service.
what we do
Our Services
Quantitative Metrics Development
We provide machine learning R&am;D for clients that pursue a data-driven approach. Specifically we assisti football clubs and sports orgaisations in Performance analytics, Fan Relationship Management, Marketing and other club’svital data analytics. Our experienced quants have extensive know-how with football specific data and how clubs use it.
Data Analysis Environments
We are developing data analytics environments and integrating its elements - databases, analytics back-end and front-end systems of any kind, with application of automatic data upload from data providers, ETL, connections to the preferred front-end BI system or custom developed web-interfaces.
Data Structuring & Integration
Multiple data sources are often not optimised to provide the client with the well connected and structured data. Integration of the data and its structuring, in a way that data is fully utilised throughout the organisation, is efficiently enabled by C&I team.
what we actually use
Our Skillset and Tools Examples

Regression techniques

Neural Networks

Random forests

Panel data analysis

Clustering, PCA

Metaheuristic algorithms

R, Stata, Matlab

C#, C++, Java, Python

Tableau, SpagoBI, PowerBI

MS SQL Server, ExaSolution

NoSQL databases

ASP.NET, Entity Framework



React, Angular, Vue

shortlist of our projects
Products Selection
Quant Sports
Computer vision
Quant Media
Quant Strategy & Finance and Pharma
Big Data Environment Development
Data ETL & Integration
Consultancy, Project Planning & Management